(NAS) Welcome, my friends! The site has been given a facelift, some major improvements, and a new home! I've transferred the help site to my top-level domain. My personal site, which hasn't been updated in over a year, (you've now been warned! :^) has been moved HERE.

Navigating this site is pretty simple. Click on the "site menu" image in the top panel and you will get a menu system giving you direct access to every area of the site.

Please feel free to take anything you like here. The purpose of this site is to help those who use Sierra's Web Studio program. Since the program was designed and intended for the beginner, the contents of this site's pages have been written with that in mind. If you aren't using Web Studio, with a little modification you may still be able to put some of it to use for yourself. Some of the coding examples, such as the mouseover tutorials and generators, may certainly be used by those creating sites with other programs.

Among other improvements to this site, I am proud to offer several code generators for your use. There is a drop-down menu code generator, offering three choices of how to open linked pages (javascripts section); there is a no-right-click script generator (javascripts section); and, lastly, there are two code generators for creating mouse-overs (mouse-over section). One generator creates code for single mouse-overs. The other - which I believe is an internet first - is a multiple mouse-over code generator. Please feel free to check them out!

While some of the tutorials may make you feel a little overwhelmed at times, especially if you're a beginner, just follow along with the instructions and if whatever you're trying doesn't work, go back over the steps to ensure you have followed them correctly. If you're still having a problem please feel free to contact me via the contact pages, but keep in mind that I get a lot of emails so there may be some delay in my getting back to you. I will try my best to reply quickly, but I just thought it only fair for both of us to mention that. For me, this is not a job - it's a world-wide-web adventure!

Thanks for visiting ... and now, have fun!

~ swipesy ~
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